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  • Your Mission

    Should You Choose to Accept It

    Become a Superhero

    CarbonAce! turns the average person into a superhero and enables you to capture and store CO2, not in your backyard, but as a share in a forest. For less than $10, we plant a seed that grows into a tree that we plant in a deforested area, that locks carbon away, reversing climate change, saving the world. Go trees!

    The Difference is Scale

    CarbonAce! is completing the carbon cycle without adding to the problem. CO2 is pulled out of the air by trees. We anticipate the broad distribution of our undertaking imagining millions of people facilitating the growth of millions of trees in heavily deforested areas.

    It’s Not Easy

    Being Green

    A Simple Solution

  • How CarbonACE! Works

    Giving Mother Nature a Hand

    The Problem

    Forest Fires - Bad, Getting Worse

    In November 2016, wildfires in Tennessee, caused widespread damage and the mandatory evacuation of at least 14,000 residents. In 2018, the Camp Fire, in California, which decimated Paradise, burned about 150,000 acres. The Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico, in 2011, started in Santa Fe National Forest and burned more than 150,000 acres. The CarbonACE! solution attempts to reverse this frightening trend by large scale deployment of its proprietary seed-to-tree methodology.

    The Solution

    Trees - Lots of Trees

    CarbonACE! has devised a unique methodology for broadly distributing the large scale growth of tree seeds, to saplings, and then transplanting into recently deforested areas. By giving nature a helping hand, we are restoring balance to what once was perfect harmony between man and nature.

    But What About...

    We Wish Them the Best

    Efforts to utilize biological CO2 capture in the form of algae, biochar, aerial seeding, crop-rotation, etc. Similarly to power-plant capture, these present immense cost and logistical challenges with indeterminate CO2 sequestration capabilities. CarbonACE! intends to simplify the strategy and make proven methods more efficient.

    About CarbonACE!

    Reversing Climate Change, Saving Humankind

    In order to reduce CO2 to sub-300 ppm (from its current 400), and avoid the cataclysmic results that will occur if nothing is done, a creative and innovative solution is called for. What we are proposing is a highly distributed seed-to-sapling system, focusing on recently deforested areas.

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